The Importance of Nothing More’s “Jenny”

Hard Rock Daddy


If you listen to Active Rock radio, you are undoubtedly familiar with Nothing More’s “This Is The Time (Ballast),” and most likely “Mr. MTV” and “Christ Copyright” as well.  All of these songs off of the band’s debut eponymous album are powerful in their own right, but their latest single, “Jenny” takes the intensity to an entirely different level.

On a debut album filled with incredible songs, “Jenny” was the track that left the most lasting impression (both musically and lyrically) when the album review was featured on Hard Rock Daddy.  Because of the personal story behind the lyrics, it should come as no surprise that frontman, Jonny Hawkins, brilliantly delivers the song with unbridled, heartfelt passion.  The only real surprise for those unfamiliar with Nothing More’s history is that Hawkins was originally the drummer.

“Jenny” seamlessly vacillates between sullen verses and impassioned choruses.  Hawkins makes you feel – in…

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